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AF 350

Product Description

AF 350: A premium ethylene glycol anti-freeze, anti-boil. AF 350 is recommended for the cooling systems of both petrol and diesel engines, using either aluminium or cast iron or mixed metal systems. AF 350 has been developed for the wide mode mix of cars in Australia. AF 350 should be replaced every 24 months or as per owners manual.

AF 350 meets or exceeds the requirements of all major automotive standards including G.M.1825-M, G.M.6043, G.M.2043.

Coolant Colours

Coolant available in the following colours.

  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue


AF 350 suitable for vehicle cooling systems where vehicle manufactures recommend to use ethylene glycol products.


  • Is compatible with most other coolants.
  • Anti freeze/anti boil.
  • Recommend by most vehicle manufacturers.

How To Apply

  • For best results drain old coolant and refill with clean water and add 250ml of Radiator Flush to your cooling system. Open the heater control tap and run engine at operating temperature for at least ten minutes. Drain entire cooling system and flush with water until water runs clean. Fill with AF 350 to the correct percentage.
  • AF 350 should be used at the concentration recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. In the absence of such guidance, it should be diluted with good quality water to give solutions in the concentration range of 30 - 50% v/v. As a general rule; the recommended standard for past warranty servicing of vehicles is to dilute one part AF 350 with two parts water.

Available Sizes Include

Aerosol 325ml 5 Lt 20 Lt 200 Lt 1000 Lt
N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Material Safety Data Sheet

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