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Product Description

Citragel: A strong natural citrus based hand cleaner with a pleasant citrus fragrant for heavy-duty applications. Contains no harsh solvents and will remove grease with ease and leaves your hands clean without the fear of dermatitis.

Citragel is easy to apply, convenient to use and spreads rapidly and evenly on your hands. Can be used in all 'hard to remove' industrial applications. It will readily remove dirt, grime and oil from your hands.

Citragel when used in industrial applications will remove eg. coal dust, tar, inks, dyes, rust stains, carbon black, glues, paint and coatings, gasket cement, epoxy paints and resins, waxes, silicone sealants etc.


Citragel is used by construction workers, mechanics, miners, truck drivers, demolition contractors, builders, plumbers, engineers, cleaners, painters, factory hands, gardeners and anyone with grubby hands.


Features Benefits
Contains Citrus Peel Oils Uses nature’s renewable resources. Safe to use. No harsh petroleum base moisture-stripping solvents.
Highly Effective In most applications performance is equal to or better than petroleum solvents.
Contains No Grit Will not cause harsh scratching or abrasion of the skin.
Contains Blend of Mild Soaps and Surfactants. Allows rapid penetration of dirt and soils while remaining cosmetically mild.
Contains Emollients Provides skin moisturising properties to replace natural oils lost during the day which prevents dryness and cracking.
Biodegradable Safe for environment. Less disposal cost for waste product.
Concentrated No gelling agent added. Removes tough stains easily using less product.
Australian Made Creating jobs for Australians.

Comparison With Hydrocarbon Handgels

Description Citragel Hydrocarbon Solvent
Effect on Skin Mild Harsh
Dermatitis Risk Low More Likely
Performance Very Effective Very Effective
Effect on man and Environment. Harmless Harmless
Flammability Non Flammable Flammability Risk
Residual effect on skin. Fresh Citrus Solvent Residue

Available Sizes Include

Aerosol 325ml 5 Lt 20 Lt 200 Lt 1000 Lt
N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes N/A

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