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Nappy Sanitiser

Product Description

Nappy Sanitiser: A complete nappy treatment for hygienically clean nappies at every change. Nappy sanitiser does it all, sanitizes, deodorizes, cleans, whitens and brightens.

Nappy Sanitiser is a powerful germ killing action ensures clean white sanitized nappies every time. Nappy Sanitizes antibacterial formula with active oxygen keeps on working for a full 24 hours, killing bacteria commonly responsible for nappy rash so the last nappy comes out as clean as the first.


Nappy Sanitiser is suitable for:

  • A nappy sanitiser.
  • Where you want to keep white garment white.
  • Makes clothing whiter.
  • 100% active ingredient.
  • Concentrated

How To Use

Completely dissolve two rounded dessertspoons of Nappy Sanitizer in 7 litres of warm water. This is sufficient for 6 nappies or several laundry items. Use proportionately more Nappy sanitizer for larger quantities. Nappy Sanitizer can be used in a plastic bucket, laundry tub or washing machine. Always close container lid tightly.

If soaking is required always make sure Nappy Sanitizer is completely dissolved before adding laundry items. Soak for a minimum of two hours or overnight. Change solution every 24 hours to maintain sanitizing power.

Available Sizes Include

5 Kg 20 Kg 200 Kg 1000 Kg
Yes Yes Yes N/A

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Material Safety Data Sheet

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